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    Our Quartet isn't fancy ..!! No buses or tours ..!! But, our ministry is sincere and our songs tell the story of Jesus. We may never sing in a huge auditorium to a "packed" house, but over at Magnolia Manor, they shout "Hallelujah" and raise their hands in praise while sitting in their wheelchairs. And,. you know, somehow that's just as good ..!

    No, come to think of it, that's even better ...!

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We Just Love To Sing ...

Solid Rock is a Southern Gospel Quartet singing traditional Southern Gospel music. Our purpose is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music. Founded by Brother Norman Dunlap more than 25 years ago, the Solid Rock Quartet is comprised of mainly full time ministers. Singing in churches and for special groups and gatherings, their music is made up of old standards and new contemporary songs. "Much of our ministering is in Columbus area among retirement facilities. Many of these people cannot sing in Church any longer, so we try to bring some Church singing to them and, believe me, they are a great audience." says one SRQ member.

Pastor Norman Dunlap - A retired United Methodist Pastor, Brother Norman is the President and Founder of L.E.A.D. Ministries, a Columbus, Georgia-based ministry of teaching, preaching and song. Brother Norman has served churches in Ohio and South Georgia and has ministered in many states and several countries. He loves Jesus and someone has said of him "he'll minister to more people in the Name of Jesus by accident than most preachers will on purpose."

Jay Lesley - A native of Mobile, Alabama, Jay has served as the Director of Worship for Christ Community Church in Columbus, Geogia for the past 8 years. His is an accomplished musician and teaches guitar lessons. Jay is married to Kaci (Dunlap) and sings bass or whatever part is needed.

Ken Bailey - Brother Ken is the Minister of Music at St. Mark United Methodist Church in Columbus. Ken loves Jesus, sings, leads a huge choir and plays piano ...!! Now that's an asset to the group ...!!! Most of the rest of the Quartet admits, though, its a little intimidating to finally have someone in the group who actually knows what they're doing ...!!! Ken's lovely wife Pam (daughter of deceased member Charles Moore) fills in from time to time as well.

Pastor Mark Sasser - Also a United Methodist preacher, Brother Mark serves East Highland UMC. With a great voice and quick wit, Brother Mark adds a new level of entertainment to every presentation. When asked why there are so many men in the Quartet, the standard response is ... "it takes that many to keep an eye on Mark ...!!"

Brian Litch - the Pastor of the Howard Charge is our newest and youngest member. He likes to brag that he brings the average age of the group way down. Brian sings whatever part is needed. He is married to Becky Litch, a school teacher.

Gary Holloway - One of the best Bass voices to be found anywhere, Brother Gary is the only non-preacher in the group. Also one of the original members of the Quartet, Gary is a rock-solid Christian, whose bass singing adds a depth and richness to every song.

Solid Rock Quartet remembers our deceased members Phil Harding, Charles Moore and Pastor Dan Gates. One day we will sing together again!

Norman, Charles, Dan, and Daryl at East Highland UMC, Columbus, Georgia Charles Dennis Album Cover Daryl and Gary at Chaplewood UMC, Dallas, Texas

Charles, Daryl, Norman, and Gary at Chaplewood UMC, Dallas, Texas Norman, Jimmy, Charles, Daryl, and Dan at East Highland UMC, Columbus, Georgia Norman, Charles, Daryl, and Dan at East Highland UMC, Columbus, Georgia

Norman, Charles, Jimmy, and Dan at East Highland UMC, Columbus, Georgia Pastor Brian Litch